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Into the deepwater for giant Bluefin Tuna, Sharks, and Haddock

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Starting from Samoset Road in Boothbay Harbor or a dock of your choice we will head offshore from 15 to 40 miles in search of Tuna, Groundfish and Sharks.   Our 34' Freeman travels comfortably at around 33 knots which means you will spend more time over fish.


We can plan the perfect offshore trip for you.  Some of you might want all day while others want to go out early and be back early to play golf, go to lunch, or just hang out.   Perhaps we take you to Monhegan Island and let those in your party who don't like to fish off to explore the island while we take you to Tuna fish.  We can plan a terrific offshore outing that works for your schedule and your party.



Finding and catching Bluefin Tuna can be a waiting game.  Like you see on the show Wicked Tuna much of the time is spent waiting for a bite.  Generally the longer you can wait it out the better your chances are.  However, there are times of the day and tide that work best. What is it like to fight and catch a large Tuna?  In the Toronto Star Weekly Ernest Hemingway described it like this “It is a back-sickening, sinew-straining, man-sized job even with a rod that looks like a hoe handle.  But if you land a big tuna after a six-hour fight, fight him man against fish until your muscles are nauseated with the unceasing strain, and finally bring him up alongside the boat, green-blue and silver in the lazy ocean, you will be purified and will be able to enter unabashed into the presence of the very elder gods, and they will make you welcome.” Per Federal Law any Giant Bluefin Tuna we catch greater than 73" will become property of the boat.


Meat Run!

Haddock and Pollack are yummy and zipping down to the Haddock grounds is no problem in the Papa Jon.  Using large jigs you will be able to use conventional rods  in order to fill your quota which is currently 15 fish 17" or above for Haddock and 19" and above for Pollack.  Halibut and other groundfish are also a possibility.



Sharks are gnarly critters that can be found pretty reliably from around mid July to September.  Most of the time they can be caught on the Kettle,  a ledge just a short trip out on the Papa Jon.  After chumming the water sharks usually show up on the line and around the boat.  Its pretty reliable fishing but they are sharks.   Some common sharks found in the Gulf of Maine are Blue, Porbeagle, Mako, and Thresher.  Our advice would be to go for the Tuna but if you want something with a high success rate Sharks are for you.

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