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Whenever my friends and family come from away there is almost always a trip to Eros in our future for several reasons.  First of all, the trip to Eros is not too far, highly scenic, and you can make it there in just about any weather. Located on Georgetown Island, driving there would be an agonizing trip partly on Route 1, through Wiscasset, and taking at least an hour from Boothbay Harbor.  Second, Eros Oyster is a cool Maine operation.  Oysters are sold self-serve on the honor system.  They have bags for your oysters and a dropbox or Venmo for payment.  You pick the oysters yourself out of a crate at a very reasonable price.  You get to see the layout of the farm and some of how they do it.  Third, Eros Oyster is as good or better as any oyster in the state.  They are consistently fantastic.  We can throw some of those oysters into our cooler to eat right away!  I’ll bring some lemon and Tobasco and I can shuck.  Nothing better than Oysters right on the boat 15 minutes after pulling them out of the water.

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